Touch StopWatch

Touch StopWatch 0.6

Simple stopwatch for your Pocket PC


  • Simple, touch-screen interface
  • Unlimited lap timer


  • Doesn't let you save lap times


I love doing exercise but sometimes I can't help thinking it's too expensive. If you're going to take it seriously, you need the trainers, the clothes, the pedometer, the sweatbands, the energy drink, the bag, etc. Because there's so much to splash out on, it's a good idea to try and find cheap alternative training equipment.

Take for instance, this software, which transforms your Pocket PC into a stopwatch without any expense. The free program is designed to make it easy for you to monitor your times on the track, in the pool or inside the gym.

Touch StopWatch is certainly very clearly laid-out, and its design is condusive to simple touch-screen operation. The main buttons (Start, Pause and Lap) are all large enough to be tapped with a finger, as is the menu option.

In terms of functionality, the app isn't terribly advanced, but if you just want to time laps it's perfect, as you just start the watch going and hit the 'Lap' button everytime you (or your training partner) complete a circuit. However, I was a bit disappointed that the software doesn't let you save your times for future retrieval.

While it doesn't have a fashionable interface or much in the way of advanced features, Touch StopWatch is a great way to build a touch-screen stopwatch for free.

Touch StopWatch is a simple Stopwatch created in Flash. It was produced because the developer was looking for a simple stopwatch program for Windows Mobile and couldn't find one that fitted their needs.

In order to install it just unzip the file and put the SWF anywhere. To launch it use flashlite to open the file or use any file manager program to locate the file. e.g. Storage CardProgram filesAdobeFlashLite.

Touch StopWatch


Touch StopWatch 0.6

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